Unity in Diversity Exploration Paper

" Nigeria is definitely not a country. It is a mere geographical manifestation. There are zero ‘Nigerians' in the same impression as there are ‘English, ' ‘Welsh, ' or perhaps ‘French. ' The word ‘Nigerian' is merely a distinctive appellation to distinguish those who live within the boundaries of Nigeria and those who also do not. ” [From Path to Nigerian Freedom by simply Obafemi Awolowo]

How authentic is the aforesaid statement to you personally as a Nigerian? Somebody once's said... " We really almost all must sit down and develop a better way to get the peoples currently in Nigeria to have well (survive) without worrying about the location called Nigeria. The human beings must come before before the clever issues like sovereignty, countrywide unity. indivisibility and the remaining man made slogans".

Nigeria is not only an excellent nation in Africa yet one of the major eyes of The african continent and the universe. May this kind of celebration (Independence Day) not only be a merry one, but also a showing juncture for most to put peacefulness and Oneness were this originally is supposed to be in Nigeria. - Unanimity, peace and development appears to be synonymous.

If a multi-ethnic society influences the bacillus of nationalism, it manages to lose its durability and strength. And we need to understand how far-reaching effects might cause condoning efforts to stir up cultural hatred, and hatred toward people of another lifestyle and one other religion. William shakespeare ones stated; " There exists tide in the affairs of men, which, taken on the flood, prospects on to fortune".

So many people are so unrested in their concerns and hating peace is considered the most threatened thing they can think about. One thing i realize for sure is that, the pursuit of peace occasionally comes with a high price.

Civil peacefulness and inter-ethnic accord - it is not founded once and forever a chilly picture. On the other hand, it is a regular dynamic, conversation. It is a effort of condition and contemporary society, which needs very sensitive decisions and wise policy that is able of " unity in diversity. " We must not merely respect common obligations,...

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