Mad Metropolis Essay

Mad City” happens with the final thing a movie regarding journalism needs--last year's media. It's about the media feeding frenzy that occures when a art gallery guard requires hostages. A TV newsman is one of them, the news programs carry the tale around the clock, the museum is usually ringed with cops and cameras, and that we get plenty of scenes showing the counter and hypocrisy of anchormen. This is not reports.

It's the perfect time to admit the obvious: The public looks forward to sensational journalism, and the multimedia are only providing them with what they demand. The latest " Roby Ridge” standoff in Downstate Illinois was thoroughly appreciated by the public, even while it had been blaming " the media” for prolonging it. People that say that they deplore paparazzi journalism will be approximately since sincere as smokers who also lecture you on how awful their behavior is.

" Mad City” might have been more enjoyable if it acquired added that extra spin--if it had attacked the audience and also the perpetrators. Since it is, it's too predictable: A media festival springs up when the museum guard, a likable everyman played by John Travolta, creates a slave shackled crisis and finds him self bonding using a TV newsman (Dustin Hoffman). The movie is actually inspired by simply " Ace in the Hole, ” the knife-edged 1951 satire by Billy Wilder, about a person trapped in a cave as well as the broken-down newsman (Kirk Douglas) who rotates out the catastrophe to rescue his individual career. But while Wilder's film was wise and satrical, " Mad City” can be dumbed into a roundup of the typical suspects: the old-fashioned news director, the egotistical network star, the young inwendig on the generate, etc . Costa-Gavras, who directed the film, should have appreciated that satire depends on exaggeration, not assault.

As the film opens, Hoffman is at the museum to cover a story when Travolta walks in and demands a reading with his supervisor (Blythe Danner). He's recently been fired via his low wage job, and wants it back. The protect is certainly not too bright, and has brought along a duffel bag that contain a shotgun and stays of...

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