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Jessica Fernandez Rivero


Nowadays, all of us live in a new of 7billion people that wish or will require a good lifestyle in which they may be much related to new technology. These fresh life style, requires new solutions are very beneficial but likewise polluting kinds of living conditions. The innovation and obviously the individuals who are concerned about environment now are helping us to find increasingly more ways of bettering our lives and the lives from the next ages. The question here is how we will reach this kind of stability and still be earth-friendly. As transport is one of the simplest things inside our lives, in the last years various products just like cars had been developed to become more eco-friendly and less gas dependent. Therefore , we should consider the idea of obtaining an electric car because they are one of the most important ways to reduce motoring costs, decrease carbon use in transport, increase air quality and reduce global warming.

Electric powered cars will produce much lower emissions than losing fuel in mobile engines. The differences among an electric car and a typical one happen to be that they reveal the different style and energy targets intended for the cars. If almost all vehicles in the united states were mixed-style models for example US imports of oil will fall by 8 million barrels each day or simply by 80% of daily consumption. For example some years ago people preferred a major car which usually consumes a whole lot of gasoline, now a few preferences and life styles have changed. People want to be environmentally friendly and they concern more of environment and of course all their economy.

The maintenance of electrical cars is likewise much easier to deal with. In a electric power car there are less shifting parts and fewer items that can fail. The maintenance of your electric car is less expensive and one it can be done by the owner because it is much simpler. Another advantage of battery-power is that the technologies in these vehicles have come a long way. Though you cannot...

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